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available materials

Pearock – Coral Gravel, Rough Edges

Standard Limerock - Coral Gravel

Screening Sand: Standard Construction Sand, Coarse Mason Sand: White, Fine

Silica Sand: White, Super Fine “Sugar Sand” Topsoil: Organic Material Black Dirt

50/50 Mix: 50 Percent Topsoil, 50 Percent Sand Coral Boulders – ALL SIZES

Crushed Fill

Rock Mix Crushed Lime Rock

Lime Rock Mix (Road Base)

Exotic River Rock (Smooth Edges

Mix Exotic Boulders – Special-Order Material Granite – Special-Order Material

landscape materials

Marathon Waste Transfer through our wholly owned operating company, Discount Rock & Sand “DRS”, offer aggregate materials of types. Professional landscapers and do-it-yourselfers in the Florida Keys have been relying on Discount Rock & Sand, Inc. for more than 17 years. We offer a variety of hardscape materials to help you complete your landscaping vision. Whether you need rock, mulch, sand or topsoil, Discount Rock & Sand, Inc. is here to meet your specific project needs and requirements. We guarantee prompt delivery at competitive prices.

aggregate materials decorative landsacpe 


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Our goal is to provide you the solutions necessary for you to complete your projects on-time and within budget, while minimizing the environmental impact. Products and services are provided by Marathon Waste Transfer, Inc. and Discount Rock & Sand, Inc. a wholly owned operating company.

"environmentally driven company"

available quantities

• All Materials are sold per Load or per Cubic Yard.

• Full Loads are approximately 18 cubic yards, 22 tons.

• Partial Loads (less than 18 cubic yards) are subject to a flat-rate delivery fee based on delivery location.

We are able to schedule the product to be delivered to your job site or you can pickup at our facility.