recycling material

We collect waste and process this into raw materials for recycling. The processed materials find a new and useful purpose. Take, for example, full loads of concrete arriving at the Transfer Station are directed to our yard which we process at our existing crushing facility and is then re-used and sold as fill material. Other materials which we do not recycle at our facility, such as steel, metal scraps, non-treated lumber, wood scaps and clean card board – are all separated and shipped to recycling facilities who will further process this material.

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hazardous waste not-accepted

Marathon Waste Transfer facility will not accept hazardous waste - household hazardous waste consists of materials that pose potential threats to people and the environment, such as:

• Pesticides

• Insect sprays

• Herbicides

• Rust removers

• Swimming pool chemicals

• Wood preservatives

• Chlorine Bleach

• Drain openers

• Corrosive chemicals (non-commercial)

• Lye

• Muriatic acid

• Hobby chemicals

• Lubricants

• Used motor oil

• Used transmission fluid

• Gear oil

• Paint products including oil, latex, spray and stripper

• Paint thinners

• Automotive chemicals including waxes, polish, carburetor cleaner, brake fluid, gasoline and antifreeze

• Batteries

hazardous waste not acceptable

waste accepted at facility

  • Construction & Demolition Debris
  • Non-Treated Wood / Lumber
  • Clean Card Board
  • Mixed Load Cement
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Rocks
  • Metal Pipes & Scapt Metals
  • Yard & Landscape Trash

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Our goal is to provide you the solutions necessary for you to complete your projects on-time and within budget, while minimizing the environmental impact. Products and services are provided by Marathon Waste Transfer, Inc. and Discount Rock & Sand, Inc. a wholly owned operating company.

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